Have a break amidst the chirping sounds of the birds !

Want to wake up to the chirping of the birds? This is exactly what you would experience at your time spent at Kurulu Vimana. It is built in a home of a range exotic birds making it an experience not to miss.

The Kurulu Vimana villa lies between the lush greens and gives you a great bird watching experience. The villa affords 8 super luxury rooms, with utmost comfort provided to its guests. Enjoy the sounds of the birds chirping and indulge in the soothing atmosphere in our spacious, super comfortable rooms. Start your dream holiday with such blissful refreshment.


What we have for you?

  • Fully air conditioned
  • Spacious
  • Attached bathrooms with shower cubicle and hot/cold water
  • Sitting area and coffee table
  • Mini-bar
  • Cable tv
  • Wi-Fi system
  • The suite includes an en-suite bath

Come here with friends and family for a different kind of a holiday. You are sure to leave with a bunch of exciting memories and moments to relive


Place where memories are created



It is the kind of a holiday which you can enjoy as a couple, with family or even with your colleagues. Each and every experience here is different from the other with Kurulu Vimana. Our guests at Kurulu Vimana always leave with happy and positive comments.


We offer

The ambience provided by us at Kurulu Vimana is unmatched with the kind of ambience found elsewhere. This is where your holiday would prove to be unique one in every possible way. We are here to provide our guests the best holiday they would ever have because we give priority to each and every guest of ours.

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