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Here at Wet Water resort with an adventurous forest-like surrounding atmosphere, it is not surprising that many of the recreational pursuits and activities to do focus on outdoor activities. An extensive array of greenery surroundings will draw the attention of any outdoor enthusiast. You do not need to go outside searching for sightseeing hence the attractions are within.


Our 10 acres of greenery premises has a long footpath to take walk with mesmerizing bird sounds and trees to give yourself some peace of mind and sooth your eyes with soulful nature. Enjoy the myriad of fruit trees and the amazing bird species in and around the resort on the walk throughout the lake of half square acres in the middle of the resort area. What better way to chill than holding hands with your loved one and walk around the woods?


You can enjoy a designated bike ride alongside the garden. The bicycles are placed in the resort available at your request at the reception. It will be a fun tour around the resort as a group through out the big garden behind.


We have Paddle boats available for boat rides in the lake. If you are a water adventurous person or someone need to try the fun for first time, this will not fail to amaze you.

Kids Play Area

We know you need some time alone. Our fully safe and lively monitored play area for kids will make that possible. The park is well equipped with large play gadgets to entertain the children to make the most of their holiday.

Fruit Picking

We have a farm area within the resort growing many seasonal fruits and vegetables such as Mango, Star fruit, Rambuttan, Mangoosteen and many others. It is free and you can pick all you can.

Some organic vegetables are available to purchase too. Enquire at the reception or the staff in the farm for more details.


A tiny pool is available for stay-in guests to access. It is ideal to have a beer or cocktail from the bar in the front and enjoy your moments inside the pool with sunshine.


Playing games is the best way to make new friends. There is a volleyball court for guests to spend little time of the evening to make friends with other guests. It will be refreshing your body and soul.

Night Life

We don’t want to put you behind when it comes to nightlife compared to the city life in Sri Lanka. We have all the best night experiences within the resort to lit firelights on your night. We often have DJ nights, late-night BBQ at our garden with live songs with home music and many other entertainments.

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