Timeless Elegance

Your wedding at our resort is that magical fairytale dream you have never imagined to come true in such an elegant way. We are dedicated to ensuring that your big day of life filled with of happiness and joy to start your eternal journey.

Imagine you tie your knot while a soft breeze is blowing around with the music of the birds from the greenery surroundings. Hold your other-half and have the walk of your life around the river in the middle of our resort.

Our spaces are a blank canvas, which are convertible to the theme of any wedding you have been dreaming in the fairy. Our team of wedding experts will make your event happen in the best way uniquely.

Our three banquet halls have been moderated elegantly to offer a clean and modern event space for the different numbers of guests with fully equipped amnesties and features with latest technologies including lighting and air-conditioning,


Why your wedding should be in wet water way?

The Location

Location is the best mood trigger. Nothing is best blessing over the breeze of nature on the big day of life. Location of our resort in the middle of greenery Gampaha will make you feel it wild and elegantly with the sounds of kissing leaves. Also the river in the middle of the resort will do all the colourings to your wedding day. The spacious surrounding with the halls make all your religious and cultural rituals convenient no matter what do you practice.

Rooms and services

Our thematic hotel rooms will ideally fit all your wedding night and post wedding stays with the star-rated stay arrangements. We also have rooms specifically accustomed and prepared for honeymoons

Flexible for your budget

When you are out looking for the perfect wedding venue in Colombo or surroundings for your wedding day, the options available are mostly fixed packages. We offer entire budget to the client base on their requirements to provide our services at their best convenience.

You will be given the best suggestions to make your day colourful to will save your time and heartbreaks together.  

It will make your day worthier forever.

Theme and vibe

Our team of wedding experts are here to catch your mind and the theme of the wedding you are dreaming of with the glance of your eyes.

We have a complementary consultation for all those who are planning the thematic event to make their big day as the memory of life. Whether you prefer it high-end formal en-suite wedding, a semi-formal day or a casual one with featured wild funs, you just need to speak to us and we will make it exactly the way you prefer. It includes the ambience, lighting, decorations and music.


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